Tablet PCs:
Why does my i.onik Tablet PC indicate less flash memory than declared?
The Android system only shows the real available flash memory of the i.onik device. The system needs and reserves flash memory – according to Windows  – for its operation; this reserved memory will not be displayed. This value is ca 3-4 GB, depending on model and Android version. This means when you are using a device containing 8 GB flash memory, only about 4-5 GB available memory will be displayed.
Which i.onik devices receive an automatic update service?
The following i.onik devices are currently provided with our updateable Zertisa operating system:
These i.onik devices will be supported automatically with available updates within warranty.
You will receive this information in the form of an icon (a small, blue “Z” on a white background) in the task bar of your i.onik tablet. As soon as you click on it you will be guided through the installation process. Please follow all the required necessary steps, otherwise you may risk damage.

Important for every update: The  Wi-Fi connection must be stable and the battery of the i.onik tablet must be charged at least 50%.
Please note that an update of your operating system can take up to an hour. During this process, it is advisable to have the device connected to the electricity network in order to avoid a defect.
What kind of microSD cards are suitable (brand + capacity)?
To guarantee a trouble free use of the i.onik tablet, we recommend to use cards from CnMemory or i.onik with 32 GB (max) memory capacity. Please note that the cards must be formatted with FAT 32. All cards of the brands listed above will be provided in the correct format.
How do I connect PC to i.onik tablet?
For the connection you need a micro USB cable, available optionally. With the micro USB cable you will be able to create a connection between i.onik tablet PC and PC or notebook. As soon as the connection is made a new icon will appear in the task bar, indicating a new connection. Please click on this icon and confirm the listed USB connection afterwards (note: “activate USB flash memory”).  Afterwards you will find your i.onik tablet PC as a new drive in the Explorer of your PC.
Please note that USB debugging must be deactivated, otherwise the tablet PC won’t be recognized as a drive on your computer (Settings > Developer Tools > Debugging).
Now you can share data, between a USB flash drive or an external hard drive and your PC.
OTG : How do I use existing hardware on my new i.onik tablet PC?
An OTG cable (available optionally) basically provides a connection between your i.onik tablet PC and existing external storage drives, such as USB sticks. To do this, plug the micro USB connector of the cable to the OTG / HOST connector or, if not available, in the micro-USB connector of your i.onik tablet PC and plug in the external storage medium to the other terminal of the cable.
Now you can access this media from the file manager of the i.onik tablet PC.
3G Surf Sticks: Which ones are compatible?
Basically, the use of so-called surf sticks is not recommended. There are quite often compatibility issues. This is due mostly to the fact that they are configured to work on Windows PCs. For questions, please contact our service team. Alternatively, either use an existing smartphone as a mobile hotspot or decide on a i.onik tablet PC with integrated 3G wireless functionality.
How can I use my phone as a mobile hotspot?
Depending on your phone model, see the menu item "mobile hotspot" in the settings. For details please refer to the manual of your mobile phone. Once this feature is enabled (whether as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection), you enable the required connection (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) in the settings of your i.onik tablet PC. After the search is completed your i.onik device will find your mobile phone as an access point.  Please select the phone and enter the access code stored in the phone. If necessary read the full instructions in the manual of your phone. Once the connection is established, you use the Internet connection of your mobile phone for your i.onik tablet PC.
My system froze. How do I reboot?
There are two options to reboot depending on the i.onik device:
If your device has a reset button (small round opening on the back of the i.onik tablet PCs), you insert a straightened paper clip into the hole and push gently against the underlying button. The i.onik unit turns off completely. Now you can turn on as usual and use the i.onik device as normal.
If there is no reset button please press and hold the ON/Off button for 20 seconds. The i.onik device will turn off automatically. Here as well you can turn on the device and you can keep on working as usual.
What do I do if I forgot my password?
After the wrong password was typed in repeatedly you will be prompted to enter your Google access code to reset your password. For this you will need a Google account and an active internet connection. Otherwise, please contact us.
How do I connect my i.onik Tablet PC to Wi-Fi?
To connect your i.onik tablet PC please go to the menu settings “Wi-Fi”. Please choose your home network and enter the corresponding network key. The connection should be set up after a few moments.
Battery life and charging procedure
Please only use the supplied charger. Otherwise, you may risk damaging your i.onik Tablet PCs!
Basically, the following applies:

  • a deactivated tablet charges much faster than a device in use
  • the currently installed Li-ion or Li-ion batteries "age". This means with increasing number of charges, the total capacity of the battery decreases.
  • please always try to fully charge the battery.
  • the i.onik tablet PC will become warm during the charging process. This is normal.

If you follow these points you will enjoy your i.onik device for a long time.
What accessories are recommended?
For your i.onik tablet PC the following accessories from i.onik and CnMemory are available in stores:
Cloud computing/keyboards/Bluetooth speakers and headsets/flash memory cards and USB sticks/cases/cables and many more.


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