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Tablet PCs/Smartphones/PC-Stick:
(for products with a SN No. starting with "XH..." or "7...")

Tel: + 49 800-8082580
Mo -Fr from 9.00 until 17.00 hours
or use our Online Service portal

Global Tablet/Global Phone/Global Stick:
(for products with a SN No. starting with "E0...")

or use our Online Service portal


To ensure smooth and fast processing of RMA issue, please note the following information:

  End Customers:

  B2B Customers:

  Defects Tablet PCs are on our
  Online service portal (with SN No. starting "XH..."
  or "7...")
or use this Portal (for all products which
  starts with "E0...")

  All products from i.onik can be
to us as described below.
Please contact one of the phone numbers

  All other products from i.onik please send back
  as described below.
  Under the following link you can use our

  RMA Form

Please pack tablet PCs in a way that no further damage to the device may occur during transport.
Please note that with improperly packaged goods (bubble envelopes for example) we will refuse acceptance. We assume no responsibility for lost orders!
The customer is responsible for return shipping costs incurred, but the cost of shipping the replacement item will not be charged to him.
For all products we guarantee 24 months warranty at least.
Please note that mechanically damaged goods, and goods that are provided with foreign labels, labels and the like, lose all warranty claims.
Once we receive your return  our RMA team will endeavor to handle your matter as soon as possible (about 15 business days).
Usually you get an exchange for your return. The Ionik GmbH reserves the right to make the exchange of comparable basic specifications also unequal. If this is not possible, you will receive a credit.
If you have further questions regarding the RMA process, our staff is happy to help.


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